As an experienced Maine law firm with a depth of experience working with insurance companies in various capacities, we know how to achieve a favorable outcome without drawing out expenses and added stress for our clients.  Recovering maximum compensation for your injuries requires persistence and a clear understanding of what you should be getting from insurance companies and the responsible parties. The full extent of medical, and financial consequences you have suffered as a result must be thoroughly outlined when you file a claim.

When you discuss your case with the Basham & Scott, LLC attorneys, our free consultation will walk you through the process and answer important questions such as:

  • What do I do about my medical bills while I am waiting for a settlement?
  • What do I do about personal expenses and bills when I am unable to work because of my injuries?
  • Can I recover for property damage or a replacement rental car while my vehicle is being repaired after an accident?
  • What kind of evidence do I need to prove the negligence of the responsible parties?
  • What compensation can I recover if I have lost a family member in an accident?

There is no cost to get information and understand your legal rights when you are have been harmed. We handle most claims on a contingency fee basis, which means – we only collect legal fees when we successfully recover funds for you.