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Basham & Scott LLC

Basham & Scott is a Maine-based law firm, with offices in Texas, focused on Subrogation, Vehicle Damage Claims and Accounts Receivable.

Although we love being based in Maine, our work is almost entirely elsewhere in America.  Between the states in which our in-house attorneys are licensed on one hand and—on the other—well-established and effective local counsel relationships in virtually every other state of the union, we can efficiently pursue a claim anywhere in the United States.

Basham & Scott has handled many thousands of Subrogation, Vehicle Damage Claims and Accounts Receivable matters over the twenty-plus years that we have been honing our capabilities in these specialties.

Basham & Scott’s seasoned and focused attorneys, its highly experienced and motivated staff—as well as its specialized technology—all combine to enable us to expertly represent our clients on such cases anywhere in the U.S., maximizing recoveries in minimum time.

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