Basham & Scott, LLC attorneys provide efficient, and effective subrogation services to our clients. We help businesses and insurers implement a targeted subrogation program designed, and perfected over more than a decade to maximize recovery on all claims. Capturing all available revenue is critical to maintaining any profitable operation.

We implement a systematic approach to subrogation claim recovery, ensuring that businesses don’t leave recoverable claims on the table due to lack of resources or expertise. Our attorneys enable insurers to maximize claim recovery from responsible parties. We identify pathways to recovery through settlement, collections, and litigation. We are skilled negotiators because we are not afraid to litigate whenever it is cost-effective for our clients.

Basham & Scott, LLC have experience handling thousands of subrogation claims in the area of automobile liability, including vehicle damage, property damage, medical bills, bodily injury, personal injury protection, uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM); as well as homeowners insurance, fire insurance, flood insurance, commercial general liability (CGL) and other commercial claims.