Our team of attorneys represent car rental agencies, car-sharing networks, and insurance carriers on all matters related to automobile damages, accidents, and thefts. We zealously represent our clients in all aspects of automobile liability – vehicle damage, bodily injury, medical bills, property damage, personal injury, loss wages, future earnings, pain and suffering, to name a few.

Basham & Scott, LLC attorneys provide unparalleled representation by maximizing recovery through effective subrogation services perfected over two decades. Our systematic approach enables our clients to achieve better results because we have experience managing all aspects of the recovery process.
We hold the responsible parties accountable, identify the pathway to maximum recovery, and utilize our proven approach to ensure our clients recapture otherwise lost damages.

The law offices of Basham & Scott, LLC bring over 50 years combined legal experience in rental car and insurance subrogation cases. Our proven track record has resulted in millions of dollars in damages recovered annually on behalf of our clients.